I. Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the Association shall be to:

  • stimulate thought
  • provide sympathetic criticism
  • nurture personal friendships
  • develop mutual understanding through face-to-face encounter
  • cultivate responsibility as Christian intellectuals caked to several tasks within the Church
  • intensify awareness that we are all engaged in the theological enterprise and need greater communications with our associated
  • meet annually to achieve the above objectives

II. Membership

A. Elected Members

Elected members consisting of those:

  1. completing applications for membership or nominated for membership by a member of the Association;
  2. approved by a majority vote of the total membership of the Association or the Continuation Committee; and
  3. willing to accept membership in the Association.

B. Qualifications

1. Membership in a Christian Church or in a church engaged in union conversation with the Disciples of Christ;
2. Present active engagement in some theological task such as a pastor, as a teacher in a college or seminary, or as an administrator of a church agency of such a nature that theological engagement may be regarded as an essential part of the responsibility of the job;

3. Demonstrated seriousness regarding theological task;

4. A commitment to participate actively in both the meetings of the Association and the research/writing projects agreed upon by the Association.

C. Election of Persons to Membership and Procedures for Election

  1. Nominations may be made by a current member or by the application of an interested party to the Membership Chair.  Nomination or application should be made in writing whenever possible.
  2. Nominees received by the Membership Chair and approved by the Continuation Committee will then be presented to the rest of the membership.
  3. Recommendations for membership will be presented at a business session of a regular meeting of the Association and elected by a written ballot cast by members present.
  4. The Association will strive for a balanced membership in terms of Regional affiliation, age, background, etc.

D. Maintenance of Membership

  1. To retain membership one must remain active; three consecutive absences from the Association meetings will be considered a resignation from the Association.
  2. The fulfillment of negotiated assignments is expected and failure to fulfill such an assignment or to secure a substitute from among the members will, likewise, be considered a resignation from the Association.
  3. In projecting the assignments, the Program Committee will review periodically the recent participation on all members in the work of the Association prior to the assignment of tasks as preparer or reactor to a paper.
  4. Payment of annual dues will be required in the amount established by the Association.

III. Structure and Procedure

A. Officers

The officers shall consist of the President, Secretary-Treasurer, Program Chair, Membership Chair, and Chaplain.

  1. President:  convenes the Continuation Committee either by e-mail or in person as needed; leads sections of the annual meeting, appoints the Nominating Committee
  2. Secretary-Treasurer:  maintains all records of the Association; tracks dues, records minutes, makes site arrangements, administers the travel pool, and mails annual program.
  3.  Program Chair:  coordinates the speakers and responders for each annual meeting
  4.  Membership Chair:  receives nominations and applications for participation in the Association; maintains records
  5.  Chaplain:  leads or coordinates worship for the annual meeting

B. Continuation Committee

The Continuation Committee shall consist of the President of the Association, the Secretary-Treasurer, Membership Chair, Program Chair, and Chaplain.

The Continuation Committee will be given the authority necessary for carrying on the work of the Association.

C. Ad Hoc Committees

  1. Nominating Committee.  At each annual meeting of the Association the President shall select a Nominating Committee to present a slate of nominees to the Association for election at that meeting.
  2. Other Committees.  The Continuation Committee has the power to appoint and define the responsibilities of such other ad hoc committees as may be deemed expeditious for the tasks of the Association.

D. Guests

A limited number of guest nominated in writing by one or more members of the Association may be invited by the Continuation Committee to a particular meeting.

E. Amendments

The statement of Principles of Procedure will serve as the guiding policy of the Association upon approval by the majority of the charter members, and it may be amended at any annual meeting by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present and voting.